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Agnieszka Haładyj

  • Master of Psychology
  • qualified and experienced Polish and German tutor
  • German-Polish-German translator („Dopamina i sernik“ („Dopamin and cheesecake”) Manfred Spitzer, „Techniki pracy w lecznicy małych zwierząt“ („Working methods in a small pets clinic”) Anja Damm, Dirk Zinsen, „Człowiek i pies – o głaskaniu, stresie i oksytocynie” („A human and a dog – on petting, stress and oxitocin”) Christoph Jung, Daniela Pörtl)
  • cooperation with language schools - Berlitz, Akcent, Insytut Kształcenia Obcokrajowców (The Institute of Polish for Foreigners)
  • an open, positive and friendly person :)
  • hobbies: labradoodles, traveling, bike
Teaching Polish is a pure pleasure to me.
Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the whole world.
I am truly impressed by those who learn Polish.
Let's get to know each other!