We are inspired by:

  • new technologies
  • design and art
  • scientific research
  • interpersonal relations
  • travelling

aa well as by:

  • trendy food
  • lifestyle blogs
  • gossips about celebrities

Above all it is You, Your favourite topics, Your interests and hobbies that inspire us! We listen attentively to You!

If you are a vegetarian or you are currently in the middle of a meat-free diet we will not force you to read texts on ham or beef. Instead we will propose conversations on your favourite smoothie and you will learn how it is in Polish: chia seeds, kale or millet. Lessons on houses and apartments does not have to be boring. We can concentrate on interesting interior solutions, design, feng-shui, tricks used by property developers as well as on eco-estates. Instead of a regular lesson on various parts of the wardrobe you can expect variation on the newest collection of your favourite fashion designer. We can talk on cars in general. By why not to have a conversation about newest Tesla model and equipment to your dream car. Lesson on sports? Hmm, maybe we could have some gymnastics together? Why not? :)